Stampede Pass

November 17, 2003

A co-worker told me there was a ski hill at Stampede Pass.  I had never been to Stampede Pass.  One afternoon, I thought I would walk up and take a look.

3 miles off of I-90, snow covered the road.  I kept driving my truck.  The road started to climb steeply and to wind.  I kept driving.  A sharp turn was followed by a steep climb.  Too much speed and the truck would slide off the road and over a cliff.  Too little speed and the truck wouldn't make it up the steep climb.  At this point, I stopped and chained up my 4x4 truck.  With the chains, I kept driving.  The snow depth exceeded 2 feet.  Even with the chains, the truck started fishtailing and sliding like crazy.  When steep dropoffs/cliffs reappeared along the side of the road, I decided to park the truck and continue the journey on foot.

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PICT1722: Buddy and Harley, sitting in my truck's tire tracks through the snow.

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PICT1724: Catching a breath.

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PICT1725: It's snowing on Stampede pass!  3700 FASL  Early November snow!

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PICT1727: Closeup.  It was snowing heavily.

We snowshoed over the pass.  We hiked down several snowy side roads.  But, we didn't see any ski area.  Later, I found out from my co-worker that the mountaineer's ski area is actually located somewhere below the pass.  This would explain why the road over Stampede pass was not plowed.