Ski season 2002-2003 recap.

I ski'd a bunch this season.  I thought I'd record this just in case I every have trouble remembering where/when I have skiied.

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PICT0629: I got many comments on all the lift tickets attached to my coat ("aren't you worried you'll fall over?").

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PICT0633: The lift tickets.  They are, in chronological order:

  1. 12/29/02: Mount Rose
  2. 12/30/02: Squaw Valley
  3. 12/31/02: Heavenly
  4. 01/02/03: Mt. Bachelor
  5. 01/03/03: Mt. Bachelor
  6. 01/17/03: Snoqualmie / Summit Central
  7. 01/19/03: Stevens Pass
  8. 01/26/03 (I think): Mount Baker
  9. 02/02/03: Crystal Mountain
  10. 02/22/03: Crystal Mountain
  11. 03/01/03: White Pass
  12. 03/06/03: Alyeska Resort
  13. 03/07/03: Alyeska Resort
  14. 03/08/03: Alyeska Resort
  15. 03/17/03: Stevens Pass
  16. 03/23/03: Mission Ridge
  17. 03/24/03 (lift ticket not shown): Stevens Pass
  18. 04/07/03: Crystal Mountain
  19. 04/13/03: Crystal Mountain
  20. 04/19/03: White Pass

In general, the snow and ski conditions were the best mid-March through the end of April.

Rant & rave: In general, I think most people who buy season tickets are wasting their money.  I only skiied 20 times this year, yet I skiied alot more than any of the people I know who bought season passes.  To get your money's worth, you usually need to ski 10-20 days on the same hill.  The most I skiied on any one particular hill was 4 times (Crystal Mountain).  Season passes at Crystal cost about $900, while 1 day lift tickets cost about $44.

Rant & rave 2: The traffic returning from Stevens Pass to the Seattle area is consistently awful on the weekends.  On Jan 19, for the 3rd time, it took me 3 hours to drive the 50 miles from Stevens Pass to Monroe.  That's an average speed of 17 MPH (even 'tho the speed limit is 60 MPH most of the way).  I've made a promise to myself this season: never again.  I'm not going back to Steven's on the weekend until the road is widened.  My aunt (who works for the EPA) told me that will never be allowed due to the environmental impact.  ARGH!  Assuming she's right, I'm never going to Steven's Pass on a weekend again.  I may occasionally go on a weekday.