My cousin Holly married a fellow named Scott on Saturday, October 20.  I flew back to attend the wedding and to participate as an usher.


Here is the wedding party:  Wow, I never noticed before, but alot of people in my family have evil looking red eyes.

Some of my relatives relaxing Saturday morning.

Karen and Chris:

Julie and I don't know who (someone from Scott's family).

Sara, Holly, and Scott...and a few other people

Karen and Chris:

Let's see...backrow: John (father), Sara (sister), Sandy (mother), Buzz (grandfather) frontrow: Mr. & Mrs. Harvey (grandparents), Holly (herself), Scott (husband), Gus (grandmother).

Julie with her boyfirend Aaron (can't you tell they're close?)

Cousin Paige and Uncle Tim.

Left: cousin Ryan.  Right: one of Scott's cousins (I don't remember the name).

Pat (my father's girlfriend)

Picture of me.  Proof that I dressed up at least once in my lifetime.

My grandparents lounging around in Karen & Chris's new home:

Ranger, Karen, and Romeo:

Chris & Karen stading on their front porch.

Romeo & Chris.

Ranger.  Sit, ranger, sit!  Lay down!

Good girl.