My father visited me in Seattle August 25 - October 9.

During this time, we took a trip togethor to the Oregon coast, Mt. Hood, the Columbia river valley, Sandy's house, and Mt. St. Helens.  My camera broke at Mt. Hood, but I still have a few pictures from the coast and on Mt. Hood.

August 25:

Dad, Sandy, and Grandpa at Snoqualmie Falls.

Snoqualmie falls:

October 4:

Dad and I stopped at Fort Clatsop near Astoria, OR.

This was inside a replica of Lewis & Clark's winter camp, Fort Clatsop.

The same day, we journied to Ecola State Park.  It was only a few miles down the road, but it took us hours to get there due to all the road construction.

Here is Dad outside a WWII radar bunker.

Pictures of the coast at Ecola State Park:

October 5:

I pulled over to get pictures of Mt. Hood from the south.  This was inside a ski area on the south side of the mountain.

Our hike took us up Cooper Spur on the NorthEast side of Mt. Hood.

Left: Rainier.  Right: Adams.  Center: Jeff.

Dad and Mt. Hood.

We took the wrong trail.  There were many signs warning about a trail construction detour.  We took the detour.  Unfortunately, it was a detour for our trail going West.  We wanted to take the trail going South.  After an hour detour, we got back on the intended trail.

Dad comming up the trail:

Dad on the Cooper Spur trail with Mt. Hood in the background.

This is as high as I went (8000 FASL, I think).  Dad was about 400 FT below me and turned around at this time (what do you expect?  He's from Illinois where they don't have any topo).  Here's a shot of the Peak.  It looks so close!

Looking down at a glacier:

Looking down Cooper Spur trail.  There is a white dot about 7-8 switchbacks down...that's Dad.

My camera broke later this day, so I don't have pictures from the rest of the vacation.

We stayed in Hood River, OR that night.  The next day, October 6th, we saw Multnomah Falls.  We took a 4 mile round trip trail from there..did about 1700 vertical FT as I remmeber and saw many nice waterfalls.  Dad took many picture of the waterfalls.  That night we drove to Yakima, saw Sandy play hockey, then drove to her house.

October 7th, Grandpa, Sandy, Dad, and I hiked up Strawberry Mountain.  It was an overcast day, but the views of St. Helens were still pretty good.  Strawberry Mountain looks like it would have awesome views of Adams, Rainier, and Helens on a clear day.  It's a pretty easy hike (about 700 vertical, I think).  We stayed at a cheap motel and ate frozen pizza that night.

October 8th, Grandpa, Sandy, Dad, and I went to the visitor center's on the west side of St. Helens.  The weather was cloudy and it was cold and snowing at the Johnson Ridge visitors center.  We then drove back to my house in Redmond, WA and stayed the night.

October 9th, Sandy drove Dad and Grandpa to the airport at 3:30 AM (they had a 6AM flight and were supposed to get to the airport 2 hours early).

Overall, I thought it was a good vacation...albeit a little rushed.  Next time, I think I will spend more time at each location and less time in the car.