Hike up Mt. Pilchuck

Sundy, October 28, 2001


I admit it, I've hiked up Mt. Pilchuck before -- July 1998.  I didn't have my camera back then.  I figured that Mt. Pilchuck at 90 degrees F in July would look a little different than Mt. Pilchuck at 28 degrees F in late October.  Boy, I was right...I didn't recognize much.

It was much easier hiking up the mountain in 28F degree heat (compared to 90F degree heat).  MUCH easier, despite the snow.


Here's a look at the Pilchuck summit from the trailhead.

The trailhead starts at about 3100 FASL.  You can see it's a bit snowy this time of year.

A little ways up the trail at about 4000 FASL, we have much more snow.

Part way of the trail, looking down at the sound:

Part way up the trail, looking out at the horizon.

A first look at Mt. Baker.

A first look at Three Fingers.

A second look.

Part way up the trail, looking up at Mt. Pilchuck.

Still part way up, looking out at the Puget Sound:

At the summit of Mt. Pilchuck!  5300 FASL.

Mt. Baker and Mt. Shuksan.

Looking NorthEast

American Flag.  Glacier Peak.

Glacier Peak.  Wow!  Looks kinda glaciated.

Three Fingers.

The Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains.

Little Tahoma Peak and Mt. Rainer.

The American Flag and the view to the East again (including Glacier Peak).

Looking down along the trail.

Headed back down, looking up at the lookout tower on Pilchuck.

More views of Glacier Peak, towering over a snowy ridge.

The Olympic Mountains over there on the other side of the water.

Clouds forming on Rainier.