Mount Pugh


September 2, 2001

Last time on Adventures with Stam, you may remember a picture or two of Glacier Peak.  I decided I'd like to get a little closer look at Glacier Peak.  After consulting with TopoUSA, I decided on Pugh.

Saturday night, I was up into 5AM doin' computer stuff (doh!).  I went to bed at 5, but didn't fall alseep -- I didn't feel tired.  At 5:30 AM, I noticed the sky was getting light.  What the heck, I figgured...I packed lunch, some snacks, and water and by 6AM I was on the road on the way to the trailhead.

This was a great hike.  I highly recommend it.  It is quite a workout 'tho -- over 5300 vertical feet gained -- more than a vertical mile!  I spent about 8 hours on the trail (including climbing/hiking up, a 45 minute lunch/ret at the top, and climbing/hiking down).  If you have the time, the views are worth it.  The wildflowers are also very nice in late summer/fall.  If you have a dog, you may want to turn around near Stujack Pass -- the trail turns into a bit of a scramble above that.  The views from Stujack Pass are still pretty nice (although you can't see Glacier Peak from there).

I parked at the trailhead, 1900 FASL.

This picture was taken at Lake Metan, 3200 FASL.  This was my first glimpse of Mount Pugh, 7201 FASL.  Still a LONG ways to go from here.

There were LOTS of 'shrooms / shelf fungus on the lower parts of the trail.

This picture was taken just above the tree line -- about 4900 FASL.  I'm looking up at Stujack Pass, 5900 FASL.  At the time,I thought that peak to the right of the pass was Mount Pugh.  Wrong-o.  Pugh was not visible from here.  It was another half mile southeast from the pass (and 2100 feet up).

The trail heading up to the pass.  It was a little rocky...

Looking SouthWest

Still below the pass, Looking South.  You can probably tell this part of the trail is pretty steep.

Rainier decides to show up today!  Hm, it looks small.

South again.  That pointy thing is Sloan Peak.

Purple things.   Mountains (including Rainier) to the SouthWest.

Looking East from Stujack Pass.

Looking straight up.  There were actually a few people scaling down this rock face earlier!

Looking South from Stujack Pass.  Sloan Peak again.

Looking SouthWest from Stujack Pass.

Looking West from Stujack Pass.

Looking North from Stujack Pass.  Yes, that's (heavy glaciated) Mt. Baker!

Looking NorthEast from Stujack Pass.  Mount Shuksan!

Looking East from Stujack Pass.

Looking SouthEast from Stujack Pass.  Sind reads "Glacier Peak Wilderness".

Above the pass, along the trail, looking West.  Whitehorse mountain is visible (on the Right).  You can also see Queest Alb Glacier on Three Fingers on the left.

Along the trail, looking East.  I believe that big glacier on the right is South Cascade Glacier just below Sentinel Peak.

Looking up at another false summit.  There be snow here.

Looking North.  Can you find the trail?

That snow feeds Stujack creek further down the valley.  I wonder if all the snow will ever melt?

The trail became a bit of a scramble for the last 1000 FT or so.  Here's a thingamabob for your ropes.

Still hiking up the trail...Rainier is barely visible over there.

At last!  On top of the North Cascades!  That's me with Glacier Peak.

Me with Baker and Shuksan.

Glacker peak, zoomed in.

Sentinel Peak; South Cascade Glacier.


Baker shots.  Mt. Baker seemed to have alot more snow than Glacier Peak....even 'tho Baker and Glacier are close to the same elevation.

South.  You can see the road (NFD 20), and the Sauk River.


West.  Closeup view of Whitehorse Mountain.

West.  Closeup view of Three Fingers / Queest Alb Glacier.


NorthEast.  South Cascade Glacier just below Sentinel Peak.  Agnes Mountain / Mount Fernow


South.  Sloan Peak.

Jeff, another hiker who's been up here 7 times, brought his dog Flipper, up here!  Jeff said he only had to carry Flipper up one short part of the scramble.

25 Panaromic shots from the summit.  I'll stitch these togethor later.

It feels like you're really high up here.  This is a shot looking down and East from the summit.  Those rocks and that ledge are just a few feet from where I am standing.  Those trees down there are over 1 vertical mile away.

Shot of Mt. Baker from Mt. Pugh.

The wildflowers looked really nice.  I took a few more shots of them comming down.