Green Mountain


September 9, 2001: I wanted another look at Glacier Peak.  I was trying to decide between Mt. David and Green Mountain.  With Andrei and Valery's help, we chose Green Mountain.

Road to the trailhead is pretty rough for 4 miles (I scraped the bottom of my car several times).  Trailhead is at 3600 FASL.  Green Mountain is at 6500 FASL.

A first glimpse of Glacier Peak!

Pictures along the trail.  Notice the moon in the background.

Purple dealy with Glacier Peak in the background.

Glacier Peak.  It looks much more glacieated from the North.

Baker, of course.

View of Mount Pugh (last week's episode) from Green Mountain.

Baker and Shuksan.

Two more shote of Glacier Peak.

Future panoramic shots (I'll stitch 'em together later).

Looking down at the trail and the lake.

That's me.  Glacier Peak in the background.

Andrei and Valery and Yellow dealies.  We saw lots of birds flying around here, but they wouldn't pose for a photograph.  We also saw two whistle pigs, but they were camera shy.

Group picture.  Not a great shot -- the autofocus didn't focus on the people, but leaving it in here because it is the only group photo I took.

Red dealies.