Sun Peak


November 18, 2001.

Andrei, Dan, and I went out for a little hike and a couple of views.  We first stopped at Sun Peak -- north of Mt. Rainier.  We saw alot of hunters w/ rifles in the area, but strangely we didn't hear any shots while hiking.  We parked around 4500 FT elevation and hiked up the short ~800 ft to the peak.

Group photo at the Sun Peak:

Andre and Dan, pointing out a big snowy rock.

Dan and myself, Rainier above us.

Closeup of Rainier (from the North -- Sun Peak).

Closeup of Little Tahoma Peak (from Sun Peak).

Lunch time.  Looking East, I think.

Since the hike was shorter than expected, we drove around the park.  We stopped here at Reflection Lakes.

Overexposed shot of Rainier.

Better, but still slightly overexposed shot.

Slightly underexposed shot of Rainier...but not bad!

Closeup of Rainier from the South.

Myrtle Falls, starting to freeze.

Dan on the bridge over Myrtle Falls; big snowy rock to the right.

Andrei.  Camera is looking NorthEast from Myrtle Falls.

Another shot of Myrtle Falls.

Another shot of the big snowy rock.

Dan, climbing on rocks near Myrtle Falls.

Top: Big Snowy Rock

Middle: Dan on bridge

Bottom: Myrtle Falls

Picture of me.  Paradise Inn in background.