Fishing trip


Memorial Day weekend, 2001, I left Seattle.  I flew to Peoria, IL where I met up with my Father, Grandfater, and Uncle (John) for a fishing trip.  We headed up to a lake north of Vermilion Bay, Ontario, Canada.


Picture of Rainer from the plane:

Picture of Mt. Adams.

Pictures of Illinois from the air:

A barge traversing the Illinois River.

Pictures of the Peoria area:

John with a Northern.

John with a huge walleye.

More shots of that walleye:

Me with a couple fish.

Grandpa and Dad.

John with another large walleye.

Dad and his fish.

Comparison shot.  Grandpa with his perch Vs. John with his walleye.

Grandpa / Dad action shot.


Shots of the lake:


Grandpa's got one!


Another fish

And another.

Grandpa and John.

Dad handling a perch (I think).

Grandpa and John

There's an eagle in these pictures.  Can you find it?

That's me.  2 Northern and a Bass, I think.

We went for a hike this hot day.  We spotted a Moose and calf along the old road.

Canadian geese in Canada.

Some thoughtless beavers built this dam without first approving the environmental impact statement.  They didn't even build a fish ladder!

That's me, holding a Northern Pike.