Vacation with the Harveys


July 21 - July 28, 2001, my aunt and uncle, Sandy and John Harvey visited me in Seattle.  This gave me an excuse to visit some of the classic parks in Washington state.  Here are the pictures I took during their visit:

I picked 'em up from the airport and we immediately left for the Olympic Peninsula.

The Quinault rainforest:

Later that day, at Beach #4 (just south of Ruby beach).

The next day, at Hurricane ridge inside Olympic Nat'l Park:

I think I was more afraid of these deer than they were of me:

Loupens in the foreground, mountains southwest of hurricane ridge in the background.

John & Sandy taking a break on the trail:

The highpoint of the day:

On our way back down to the parking lot:

A butterfly along the trail:

Deer in the parking lot:

Later that week, we visited Snoqualmie falls.  Looking at the falls from the top:

We took the trail down ~300 vertical feet to the bottom:

Later, we headed to the east side of the state.  We stopped at Umtanum park.

A picture of sage:

John, Sandy, and I stayed at John and Sandy's house.  Here's a picture of John & Sandy & John & Sandy:

The next day, we stopped at a waterfall near White pass:

Then we went to Mt. Rainier Nat'l Park.  Pictures of the mountain from a distance:

Later that day, we stopped at the Sunrise visitor's center.  Rainier was obscured by clouds, but we went on a hike anyway:

Wildlife (squirel and marmot).

Me at frozen lake:

The high point of the vacation (elevation 6900 FASL).

Another whistle pig: