Tolmie Point Lookout (again)


I really wanted to hike up to this lookout tower on a clear day, so I headed up on a clear day, August 11, 2001.  This time I was able to drive much closer to Mowich lake, much closer to Tolmie.  I also brought two friends with me -- Pretish and Dan.

Here's what Rainier looks like from the NorthWest (just outside the Nat'l park boundry).

Pretish and the mountain.

Pretish again (not sure why the camera is tilted -- maybe I just dropped the camera?)

Pretish with Rainier in the background.  The exposure is too high, so you can't see the mountain very well.

Pretish / Mowich lake.

Jeff / Mowich lake:

Dan / Mowich lake.

Pretish on a rock.

Dan and Pretish on the trail.

Dan on a rock.

The trail gets a little steep behind me.

Looking down from Ipsut pass.

The lookout tower is in this picture above Lake Eunice.

Pretisho and Dano enjoying Lake Eunice.

Dano and Pretisho on the trail.

Pretish arrives at the lookout.

"Wake up Dano" and Mt. Rainier.

Mt. Rainier from the lookout tower.

Stich these pictures into a panormic view (an exercise for the viewer)

Pretisho below Rainier.

Pretisho above Lake Eunice.

Pretish, "Wake up Dano", and Rainier.

Pretish, "Wake up Dano", and Lake Eunice.


Pretisho, trying to feed said Bird.

Yet another Rainier shot.

Loupens.  Rainier is that fuzzy white thing in the background.

"Wake up Dano" along the trail back down.

We enjoyed cool Mowich lake.  We would have plunged in for a swim if we had brought a change of clothes...

"Wake up Dano"

Neat-o reflections on Mowich.

Panoramic of Rainier from Tolmie point lookout.  My stitch job isn't perfect, but it's still pretty neat-o...