Camp Muir


Sunday, August 19, 2001.  I wanted a workout.  I headed to Paradise and climbed up to Camp Muir.  I left the Paradise visitors center at about 3PM.


The view was a little cloudy early on in the hike.

The summit of Rainier, starting to become visible through the clouds:

Passed Pebble Creak, starting up the Muir Snowfield:

More pictures of Rainier

Looking SouthEast at Mt. Adams.

Rainier from the Muir Snowfield.  Center: WNisqually Glacier

Adams from higher up on the Muir Snowfield.  Looks like a picture from a plane.

Clumbia Crest, Nisqually Glacier.

Lower part of the Nisqually Glacier.

Crevases in the snowfield


I passed another hiker heading up to Muir.  About 5 minutes later, I came to a crevase 2-3 feet wide.  I jumped over the crevase and continued climbing up to Muir.  About 5 minutes later, I hear "Oh my goaieeeee!" from behind me.  I turned around and nobody was there (the hiker had disappeared).  "HELP!  HELP!  HELP!  HELP ME!  HELP, need rope!  Get a ranger!".  I didn't have any rope.  Muir was only about 500 vertical feet away.  I yelled back that I would continue up to Muir and get a ranger.  10 minutes later when I got to Muir, I found out that the park rangers had already responded (the campuers at Muir also heard the trapped hiker yelling).  The hiker was rescued and did not have any serious injuries.


Adams again:

Muir snowfield (looking East).

Adams and Hood.

Nisqually glacier

Anvil rock.

Looking around at Camp Muir:

Looking East:

The Ranger Station:

Proof (altimeter) that I hiked above 10,000 FASL today.

Mt. St. Helens peaking above the clouds.

Mt. Adams again.

Camp Muir:

Coming down the snowfield while the sun is setting:


Nisqually Glacier again:

Sunset mountain shots (Adams / St. Helens)

I thought this was neat.  See the weird color line in the sky?  The line perfectly matches the the shape of Rainier (behind me)..

Don't worry, I made it back to Paradise by 9PM (before it was totally dark). =)