Granite Mountain


August 25, 2001.  Today, I decided to try Granite Mountain (per Andrei's suggestion).  Granite peak is in the Alpine Lakes wilderness.  The trailhead is west of Snoqualmie Pass on I-90.  This trail was a workout (3700 vertical feet)....and this was a warm day (80 degree temps).  It's a nice half-day hike less than an hour's drive from Seattle.  The only downside is the road noise -- you can hear I-90 traffiic during 75% of the hike.

The trailhead is at ~1900 FASL, Granite Mountain is at ~5600 FASL.

Low on the trail, viewing the fall colors:

Finally up high enough to see Rainier and Little Tahoma Peak.

Glacier Peak.

Granite Moutain tower.  The moon is visible to the right of the tower.  If you hike here, don't forget to sign the register.

Looking West.  Is that Mt. Si?



Rainier from the North (Granite Mountain).



Mt. Adams


Glacier Peak


Rocks and Moon of Granite Mountain.