November Vacation


Well, just before Thanksgiving, 2000, I had 1 week of vacation I had to take or loose.  I decided to take it.  My rough plan was to drive (from Seattle) to Salt Lake, Utah and ski.


A bird hanging around my house:

Looking down on the original Oregon trail:

An Oregon trail style wagon.

Scenes at Brighton (a ski hill near Salt Lake City, UT).

Utah State capitol building:

Scenes from Alta, another ski hill near Salt Lake City, UT:

The great salt lake:

Okay, after a couple of days I was sore enough.  I had had enough of skiing.  I didn't have to be back in Seattle for awhile.  I noticed that Las Vegas, NV was only a few hour drive away from Salt Lake...and I had never been to Las Vegas.

Scenes above Vegas:

One of the rides.

The ride at the top of this tower was quite a rush...

Sunset in the desert.

The Monte Carlo hotel (where I stayed).

More hotels:

The fountains of Bellagio.  Overall I didn't care for Vegas very much...these fountains were fun to watch 'tho.

Another hotel

Inside Mandalay Bay:

Another hotel.

Hoover Dam:


Okay, I still had more time in my vacation.  I had never been to San Diego and I noticed it wasn't that far from, next stop: San Diego.


Well, I still had time left.  I had never been to Mexico and I noticed Tiajuana was close to San Diego.

The US/Mexico border at I-5.

The only picture I took while in exciting.


Well, I still had more time left in my vacation.  No, I didn't head towards South America.  I decided I'd drive from Mexico to Seattle on the Pacific Coast highway.

I stopped for a day at Disneyland:

Pacific Beaches just north of Las Angeles:

Pacific shoreline ~100 miles South of San Francisco.

Golden Gate area: