Chris & Karen's Wedding

August 5, 2000


The Picnic:

Jamie and Autumn Rose

Mindy and Autumn Rose

Sitting, from left to Right: (Aunt) Ann Messmore, (Uncle) MikeWatts, (Aunt) Mary Jane, (Cousin) Mindy Watts-Ellis.


My father outside St. Mark's Lutheran Church in Washington, IL

Hungry people

Left: Elsie.   Right: Grandma (Stamerjohn)

Left: Grandpa (Halstead) Right: Fuzzy bunny

My two Grandfathers

Jamie and Dale

Kevin and Jamie


Left: (Aunt) Sandy Harvey.  She doesn't like cameras

(Uncle) John Harvey

This family likes Volleyball

Wedding Day:

The father (David Stamerjohn) before the wedding.

The new family.

The sisters (profile).  Julie & Karen

Julie & Karen.

Julie, Chris, and Karen.

Welcome to the family, Chris.

Kevin and Brian (cousins)

Chris's family.



(Aunt) Tammy Booth and (Uncle) Glen Stamerjohn

(Grandpa) Bill Halstead

(Cousin) Holly and her boyfriend Scott.

(Cousin) Rebecca, (Sister) Julie, (Cousin) Sara

The messmakers.

(2nd Cousin) Ralph Stamerjohn & family.

(Aunt) Sandy Halstead and Autumn Rose.

Goofy, (Aunt) Kathy Maloney, (Great Aunt) Joanne Stamerjohn.

The Scotts, friends from Decatur, IL:

Opening Gifts:

Other random pictures from my trip.

Chris & Karen.

My sisters.

Uh-oh.  Wrong way, Julie.

Chris & Karen's new apartment:

  My typical hand of cards.

Julie in her new Chambana house.

Papa Del's!


My Grandparent's house:


Crestview Rd.


Living Room.

Front Yard

Front view

Hacker Grandma

Craftsman Grandpa

Mmmmm....Fish fry

A climate of extremes.

Downtown Morton

A few pictures around 246 South Ohio (my parent's home).

Mowing the lawn.

Dad in the Kitchen.

Corn before a small storm.

  Corn after a small storm.

A couple of pictures from the Garden:

Front of the house:


Front Driveway.




Back view.

Neighbor's shed.

The ol' leaky boat.


Morton High School:


Jackson St.

My old employer.  Home of the WHOPPER (tm)!

Someone said gas was expensive in the midwest?

Views of Peoria and the Illinois River:


Travel Pictures:

ATR Turboprop servicing Peoria, IL.